To Export Managers “ Life Contrast ”

We,CERA TRADING think that European bathroom products are the leading other part of world with their exquisite and elaborate designs and that they have been giving a new angle to many Japanese in planning bathrooms and kitchens.
We have been proposing beautiful and high-quality European bathroom and kitchen fixtures, selected from our aesthetic and global viewpoint, to the Japanese housing market.
It is our policy to creating more sophisticated lifestyle in Japan through offering glamorous European products.

Company info

Our company, founded in 1986, is a leading importer and seller of European and U.S bathroom fixtures in Japan and one of the members of Toto group, the largest manufacturer in the field.
We also sell a variety of basins, faucets and bathroom accessories of our own design.
Our target is the mainly high-end housing market in Japan.
We have 3 remarkable advantages that make us a unique wholesaler of imported bathroom fixtures.

*Toto’s sales network, biggest network covering all over Japan
*Our marketing and technical ability to adapt products for the “quality-sensitive” Japanese customers
*Nationwide repair-services network with 365-day-open by Toto group

Company Name:
Dec.1, 1986
Number of employees:
60 (Apr.01,2022)
Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo
Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo
Osaka office:
Edobori Nishi-ku Osaka
Toto Ltd. (100%)
For the highest customer service

Technical Information Service

CAD Data Download Service

Basin & Faucet Set Drawing Download Service

Basin & Faucet Set-up Simulator

Maintenance Service

We have a nationwide maintenance service network

Strict Quality Control

Under our high-level quality control, CERA’s imported faucets have been all approved by JWWA, Japan Water Works Association.
JWWA = Japanese Quality Certificate for Faucets

Original products

We have been developing some original products while working in collaboration with excellent designers.

Contact us

The followings are frequent inquiries and our answers.
Before your contact, please check them to make it cleared sooner.

How can I buy Cera’s products in my country?

We do not export our products. We just import and supply them only in Japan.
Some of the products’ manufacturers have their agents all over the world and you may buy from them.
Please directly contact the manufacturers.

Can I get a Cera’s catalogue?

Since we sell our products within Japan, we can send our catalogue to Japanese addresses only.
However, online-catalogue is available on Japanese pages.

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European Design

You can find the essence of the European product design in our line.

Quality Assurance

All of our items are adapted to the Japanese market. The faucets we offer are all certified by JWWA.

Repair Services

You can use a 365-day service by Toto Maintenance (toll-free dial), a subsidiary of Toto.